October 15, 2012


Toyota is yet to recall even more cars, this time totalling anything up to 7.4 million across many different models.

As one of the world’s biggest-selling car company, you would think after the catastrophe in 2009 when they had to recall 12 million vehicles and received fines from US regulators they wouldn’t see another fault on this scale.

Popular models such as Yaris, Corolla and Auris are included in the recall after a faulty window switch was found.

Up to 2.47 million UK drivers are thought to be affected.

The fault appears to pose no safety issues but customers will be contacted to arrange for their car to be checked and should it need fixing should only take around 40 minutes.

The customer services director for Toyota GB, Steve Settle apologised to customers and said: “What we’re talking about is the power switch on the driver’s door and there is a very, very outside chance that there could be melting inside the switch…But there are some vehicle agencies around the world that interpret melting as fire. We’ve no evidence of fire and our engineer testing of this item doesn’t reveal any chance of fire.”

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