March 5, 2015

Towed Away After Racking Up £14k in fines

A Mercedes left in a multi-storey car park for three years has finally been removed after racking up more than £14,000 in parking tickets. The car had been sitting in the Broadway Plaza sheltered parking area in Birmingham city centre for so long a two inch layer of dust covered the car.

The black Mercedes C-class was discovered to be unlocked, and the company who own the car park, APCOA, found the logbook which gave the name of a driver from Coventry. APCOA charges £13 a day per parking space, which means the owner was facing a possible £14,235 bill for taking up the spot.

All attempts to get in touch with the owner failed and it was also found that the back axle is damaged, meaning the car, worth around £40,000 new, could not be driven away. Last Wednesday APCOA finally towed the car away after being granted permission from Birmingham City Council.

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