March 6, 2015

The Driving Test – What Do I Need?

The driving test is, for many, one of the more nerve-racking experiences of our lives. There is just so much to remember – Seat-belt, Gears, Handbrake, Mirror, Signal, Manoeuvre – the whole process can be really daunting.

With so much to remember, it is no surprise that on occasions more often than you would think, some items are forgotten – Particularly the essential items that are needed to take the test in the first place.

Yes, the documents needed to sit the test are amongst the highest ranking things forgotten during the test. Some people are simply just not aware of what is needed to take the Theory and Practical tests. For your Theory, you will need both parts of your driving license – The photocard and the Paper counterpart. Without both halves of the whole, you will not be able to sit the test.

If you have the old-style paper license, then you will need a signed driving license and a valid passport.

If you have misplaced either of these, be sure to apply for a replacement license well in advance – as it can take 15 days for the replacement to arrive, so you may need to rearrange your test.

Safe driving from Britannia!

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