November 28, 2011


The road safety charity Brake has called for tougher restrictions on new drivers after research in Wales found on average a young person is killed every eleven days and a young person seriously injured almost every day.

The survey also found that 56% of young passengers in Wales were frightened of other young people’s driving.

One mother Ms Rowland supports the charity and said the pain she felt when she lost her son was unbearable. Gareth Jones was only 17 when he lost control of his car, went through the central reservation and was killed instantly. She wants to warn other young drivers not to take risks and to whatever you can to keep yourselves and others safe.

Drivers aged 17 to 24 make up only 12% of UK licence holders yet they account for 25% of death and serious injuries on our roads.

The charity is trying to push for a graduate driver licence, whereby there is a minimum learning to drive period and restrictions for novice drivers. Studies carried out by Cardiff University recommended that novice drivers should not be allowed to drive at night or carry other young passengers and by introducing this up to 200 lives could be saved in the UK every year.

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