May 26, 2022

Top Tips for Reducing Driving Lesson Cancellation

Top Tips for Reducing Driving Lesson Cancellations

Tip #1:  Be Direct

Consider the students, especially the teenagers, who do not have to pay to cancel a dentist, medical, or hairdresser appointment. So why does their driving instructor want to be reimbursed for a lesson that they did not provide? Don’t expect them to be clairvoyant or to just read your cancellation policies on your website or on the back of an appointment card. Spend a few minutes on the first lesson emphasising and explaining the importance of giving 48 hours’ notice if they need to cancel. Explain in a courteous manner how it may affect your budget if they cancel at the last minute. At the same time, promise them that if you must cancel the lesson, you will reimburse them as well. This establishes trust and demonstrates your honesty. Finish by simply asking for their understanding: “Are we okay with that?” Ignore this first tip at your peril. If you ignore this advice, don’t be surprised if a student calls a few hours before their class to cancel and gets a little shirty when you tell them they must pay for the lesson.

Tip #2: Provide them with an appointment card

If you wish to enforce payment for cancellations, you must provide a student with an appointment card and make them aware of the terms and conditions on the card. Cancellations might be difficult to enforce at times, but if a dependable client has a legitimate cause for cancelling, waiving the cancellation on that occasion can make good economic sense. You don’t want to lose a dependable client because you charged her for a class while she was in the hospital with her child.

Tip #3 – Don’t make an excuse for them

It’s a good idea to waive the lesson cost if a student is legitimately ill or in hospital, but don’t inform them ahead of time because they’ll use this excuse every time, they can’t be bothered with their driving lesson.

Tip #4 – Schedule regular lesson times

Keeping the same time and day for students as much as feasible might help lessen the likelihood of them cancelling. With the same time, the student can schedule the remainder of their week around their lessons. When lessons are moved around frequently, it is simple for students to forget when their session was or to double schedule that lesson time with other commitments. Keep in mind that if you keep altering the lesson schedule from week to week, they’ll expect you to allow them to do the same.

Tip #5 – Be Dependable

It is critically significant. Treat your students as you would like to be treated. So, if you want your students to be dependable, you must set a good example. You might want to ask your pupil if they can do the lesson earlier because someone else has cancelled, or if they can do it on a different day because you don’t want to go out for just one lesson that afternoon. If you believe it is reasonable to expect others to adjust their plans to accommodate you, they will expect the same in return!

Tip #6: Do not call them to confirm driving lessons

People may consider cancelling their class but do not contact you and will do the lesson if you simply show up. However, if you call to confirm the lesson, you are providing individuals an easy way to cancel on you.

Britannia Driving School Wimbledon SW20 8LB manager, Ms. K. Smith, stated: “Our instructors are issued with Appointment Cards containing our terms and conditions on the reverse side, which they deliver to all their learners on the first lesson. As a result, we experience many fewer cancellations than other Driving schools.”