April 16, 2018

Getting Along With Your Driving Instructor

There is nothing worse than not getting along with your driving instructor especially if you’re stressed, trying your hardest and they don’t seem to not be bothered. With Britannia you will have a strong relationship with your instructor as we want whats best for you.

Communication is a key part of your learning process as it can resolve any issues that you have – Speak to your driving instructor, they can help you and spend more time with you. Maybe, you could talk about what you did on the weekend or ask them what music they enjoy just to break the ice.

Maybe having lessons with an instructor monthly isn’t for you – Have a look at our intensive course, where you can pass in only 1 week.

Relax, we’re here to help and want to engage you so that we can help your driving skills and confidence improve further.

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Safe driving from Britannia.