May 3, 2011

Third Generation A Class

Mercedes is previewing the third-generation A-Class with this, the Concept A-Class, due to be unveiled at the Shanghai motor show in a couple of weeks time. Forget all you thought you knew about the baby Merc too – the A-Class has got sexy!

After a famously wobbly start, the A-Class has flourished and made the most of its clever sandwich floor packaging and mini-MPV practicality. Spacious inside for such a compact car, it’s matured into a decent baby Mercedes and spawned the bigger B-Class too.

But even with that Mercedes star on the bonnet it struggled to give off the air of desirability and prestige the badge stands for. So for the third-gen A-Class Mercedes is clearly having a significant re-think.

The Concept A-Class is a much lower, sleeker and sportier offering. Mercedes’ claims that it looks like “a car that might have come from another planet” are possibly a bit strong but it’s certainly a big step forward.

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