May 13, 2011


Dorset Police along with Dorset Council, surrounding boroughs, rescue services and the crown prosecution service have seen the lowest number of fatalities and serious injuries since they launched a new scheme called ‘no excuse’.

The message to drivers is that there is no excuse for drivers that pose a danger to themselves and others by breaking the law.

20,000 motoring offences have been recorded since the ‘no excuse’ campaign began in January 2010 However, it didn’t mean drivers did not continue trying on their excuses, and here are a few of the best:

A driver stopped for not wearing a seat belt told officers “I just had a spray tan applied and I don’t want to smudge it.”

A driver stopped for having three children in the back without seatbelts told officers the reason they didn’t have seatbelts was because “They’re not my children.”

A man stopped for speeding told officers he was a stranger to Dorset and was confused by the road signs.

An older lady stopped for speeding more than double the speed limit stated “I have to get to the shops as I don’t have any bread at home.”

Finally a lady stopped for speeding was shocked that she was being issued with a ticket claiming that she was doing just over 30mph. The problem was she was driving at 48pmh.

There is a misconception that speeding a little won’t harm anybody but who defines a little. Speed limits are there for a reason and it is proven that travelling above these speeds could contribute to a serious accident.

Drivers may think that their offence is only minor and if they get caught it is their problem however, they are carrying out a selfish act that could cause a serious or fatal accident involving innocent victims.

‘No excuse’ was a one year scheme which due to the positive response and outcome is continuing for a second year.

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