June 6, 2011


Should you require changes to the driving theory test due to special needs, the DSA (Driving Standards Agency) may be able to make reasonable adjustments in order to help make things easier.

For many taking their theory test, English is not their first language or they may not be able to understand or read written English very well. In this instance, you can request a voiceover. This is where theory test instructions and questions are read via headphones in a different language.

Currently there are 21 languages available, for a full list of languages please visit www.dsa.gov.uk. If your language is not available you may ask to have a translator present however, this must be a DSA approved translator and there may be additional costs for this service.

The DSA also provide services for those that are hard of hearing and the test can be taken in British Sign Language or you may have an interpreter present.

Should you have difficulty reading the questions due to dyslexia or other reading difficulties, you can ask for the instructions and questions to be read in English or Welsh through a headset. You may also be entitled to extra time but will be required to show proof or your reading difficulty.

Holly Harper of Britannia Driving School said: “Should you require any assistance of any kind when taking your theory test, you should contact the DSA to see what help may be available to you. The same goes for the practical test.”

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