May 27, 2011


From 1st January 2012 learners will be expected to know the principles behind driving theory as opposed to just memorising the questions and answers. In order to do this theory test questions will no longer be published.

Safety campaigners are welcoming the move as they feel by making the theory test more difficult, some road accidents could potentially be avoided.

Learners of course are concerned with the number of hours they will need to invest in order to be up-to-date and understand the theory behind driving.

The theory is introducing you to ideas behind driving, the rules and regulations you must follow and helps you to understand and recognise potential hazards. Practical driving lessons then allows you to be familiar with being on the road and ensures that you can apply what you are learning to practical situations.

The DSA (Driving Standards Agency) despite not publishing questions used in the theory test, will still allow questions and answers similar to those used to be available in order to help with revision.

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