August 18, 2014

The Worst Flyover In The UK?

Flyovers are certainly not the easiest part of driving for any learner, but have you experienced a flyover like this?

The Chelmsford Army & Navy Roundabout is notorious as it is perhaps one of the most unusual flyovers that exist. It is bi-directional which means that it is open for traffic to go into the city until 2.30pm each day and out of the city after 2.30pm. The flyover is then closed from 9pm to 6am.

Accidents are far from unusual on this flyover, with the most recent accident being this April where a motorist driving up the wrong way caused a head-on collision. This is a common problem with many collisions being caused by drivers driving up the wrong way. An incident similar to this one even occurred on a driving test a few years ago – which is enough to put any learner off!

Calls have been made to replace the flyover with one which is two-way as the current flyover has caused a significant number of deaths and injuries. However, such calls have been made for years and no improvement has been made. At the moment, 2017 has been given as a provisional date for the flyover’s replacement. But the success of this relies on various other factors.

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