May 24, 2012

The Summer Season

With the Olympics 2012, the Euro 2012, the Jubliee and bank holidays all coming up, there will be plenty of reasons to be amongst friends and celebrate. This is of course a great thing, it is a time to be merry and to celebrate. It’s a time when many of us will feel proud to be British – and so we should.

One theme that does emerge though during times like this is: how we behave on the roads. When we get into our cars we must remember that we are in control of heavy machines, and if they are used without been focused tragic things can happen.

If you are going to be drinking during this period, remember to leave the car parked at home. Take advantage of public transport or car pool with your friends. It is never worth the risk. A little planning can be hugely helpful.

We must all remember that these are times when we should be celebrating together and sharing the joyous moments that these events bring. However,  this is sometimes not the case when accidents are involved that have been caused by drunk drivers.

You can still go out, celebrate it in a way you would want to and come back home without making life tough for others. This is the time to play our part and be part of the collective safety of everyone in this country.

We wish you a very happy summer.


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