January 12, 2011


Do your brakes work?

I am sure you all think they do and wouldn’t think for a moment that when you’re driving your brakes would fail you, but how many of us check to see if they work before we set off on every journey.

There are two quick and easy methods to check your brakes. The first is by pressing the brake pedal whilst stationary; there should be resistance from the pedal. The second is by pressing the brake pedal whilst slowly moving off, this will show the brakes are working effectively.

Something to look out for is soft brakes; this could indicate fluid in the hydraulic pipes. In comparison if your brakes feel particularly hard, this could indicate something broken in the braking system. Both problems could result in your brakes failing and you losing control of the car.

If you find yourself driving and the brakes don’t work, lower the gear, whilst gently bringing the clutch up. If you should need to use the handbrake, apply it gently as pulling at it sharply may lock the wheels and cause you to skid.

Emily Smith of Britannia Driving School said: “If you are in doubt as to whether your brakes are in proper working order, do NOT chance it. Call out a mechanic, don’t risk making the journey.”

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