December 14, 2009


The DSA (Driving Standards Agency) have tried to overcome the vast amount of problems they experienced when they introduced the 0300-prefixed telephone number and eradicated the 0870 numbers however, call volumes are nearly back to expected levels.

The telephone system has not just been improved to help deal with pupil enquires but new measures have been put into place to help with instructor enquiries.

A new fast track telephone system has been put in place to serve the needs of ADI’s. When an instructor calls the DSA for whatever reason they won’t have to listen to all the options but simply press 25, which will prioritise their call over others and be directed to staff that have the ability to deal with the call.

Even better they have introduced a call back system whereby if there is a queue of calls longer than 60 seconds the caller can leave their name and telephone number and somebody will call them back. It is important to understand that despite ADI calls being prioritised, the system keeps the call in the same place in the queue.

Simon Bush of Britannia Driving School said: “This is brilliant news for all instructors as it will save a huge amount of time skipping through the options and holding for somebody who would inevitable transfer your call to a different department, where you would have to repeat your story once.”

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