June 1, 2011


A new camera called ASSET (Advance Safety and Driver Support for Essential Road Transport) is heading for our roads and is able to detect motorists committing up to five offences.

The camera is advanced enough to film inside a vehicle and detects the following:

If a driver is wearing a seatbelt
Speeding offences
If a vehicle is tailgating
If a vehicle has no insurance
If the vehicle has an out-of-date tax disc

If a driver and their vehicle is found to be committing any of the above offences, the device sends details via GPS to the police and the offender will be prosecuted.

The super camera costs around £50,000 per unit and is being tested in Finland at present. We can expect to see the devises in operation across Europe from 2013.

It is hoped that the device is there as a safety measure and not as a money making scheme. We already have speed cameras and there is debate surrounding their uses. However, it is hoped that police can spend more time policing the streets and attending more serious incidents, whilst drivers will be punished for breaking the law and the number of road traffic accidents can hopefully be reduced.

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