December 7, 2009


New legislation being introduced, will allow for any driving instructor that poses a significant threat to the safety of the general public to be suspended immediately.

The current legislation has to allow 45 days to investigate and remove an Approved Driving Instructor from the roads, during which time they can continue teaching pupils.

The new law which is supported by the Department for Transport and Driving Standards Agency was introduced by MP Willie Rennie. The new legislation has not been implemented to eradicate the majority as it is only in a few instances that an ADI does not provide tuition in a professional manner and it is in those circumstances that they will be suspended immediately, so as to improve the safety of learner drivers.

Simon Bush of Britannia Driving School said: “Allegations of unprofessional behaviour-by driving instructor’s clients-such as, poor service, providing short lessons and failing to attend appointments could lead to a suspension of a rogue instructor. The new law should not pose a threat to anyone that is doing their job properly and for the majority of driving instructors out there it will provide reassurance that those that are not providing tuition in a professional manner will be removed from the roads. ”

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