November 9, 2009

The DSA Blacklists the Toyota iQ as Unsuitable for the Driving Test

It has emerged that learner drivers will not be allowed to take their test in a Toyota iQ, as the DSA claims the car is not suitable.

The ban was declared after a risk assessment was carried out and it was found that the iQ’s thick B- and C- Pillars and rear windows prevents the examiner from having a clear view at angled junctions, which compromises the strict testing methods. It was complaints from the DSA (Driving Standards Agency) examiners which prompted the investigation.

Steve Garrod, head of training at the Driving Instructor Association (DIA), spoke to Toyota about the problem and their advice was for instructors that own this car to take it to their Toyota dealer and look to part exchange it.

Simon Bush of Britannia Driving School said: “The Toyota iQ joins an honorable list of cars deemed unfit. Any instructor looking to buy a car should check that it is suitable as a lot of the smaller cars such as the Ford Street Ka and Mini Convertibles present problems. Their size may be good for learners when they are practising manoeuvres but they are no good when they are being turned away at the test centre.”

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