January 5, 2011


Everyone has mixed opinions on driving examiners, this will normally be down to their own experiences when up on test.

Despite some views that examiners don’t know what they are doing, they must complete an extensive process in order to become an examiner.

First they must have held their full licence for no less than 4 years and must have no more than three points on their licence.

If their application is successful they will be required to take a learner theory test yet must score considerably better than the pass rate for learners. They must then complete a practical driving test normally covering a specific route of around 25 miles. They like a learner must not receive any serious faults. They then go on to complete a training course to become a DE (Driving Examiner).

Driving examiners are civil servants employed by the (DSA) Driving Standards Agency and are the only people authorised to issue an individual with a full driving licence.

DSA test centres can be found right across the country with examiners taking anywhere up to 35 tests per week. Anyone waiting for a test date will agree that waiting times are dreadful at present. This is typically down to the bad weather we have experienced meaning a large number of tests have had to be rescheduled.

Emily Smith of Britannia Driving School said: “Examiners are trained and employed when there is a demand for them, so hopefully we will see more of them and shorter waiting times very soon.”

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