May 15, 2013


A motorist snapped another driver playing a game on his iPad whilst driving on Scotland’s busiest motorway.

The driver was travelling at 65mph on the M8 motorway whilst resting his iPad on the steering wheel. But what shocked the motorist who took the picture, was he was playing the Real Racing Game on his iPad.

The photographer said: “He was sitting playing the Real Racing game on his iPad and glancing up at the road every now and then,”

“At one point he undertook us still playing the game on the iPad.”

He went on to say: “Could he not have been content just to do the real thing safely.”

Neil Greig, director of policy and research at the Institute of Advanced Motorists said: “The research we have done has shown even using a smartphone at the wheel is more dangerous than having drugs or alcohol at legal levels in your body.

The photographs of the driver have been passed on to the police and they said that further inquiries will continue.

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