July 13, 2011


The lanes which will be used by athletes and officials during the games will all be road-work free, but how does this impact the rest of the London population.

Residents from Wapping are concerned with the announced closure of four pedestrian crossings in order to accommodate the Olympic Lanes. There are fears that fatality rates may increase. Mr Livingstone said “We don’t want to be marred by extra deaths on our roads.”

However Transport for London (TfL) have stated that when making the decision to suspend crossings, they considered many factors such as public transport links, pedestrian demand, land use and associated facilities. They also promised that there will be clear directions to the next available crossing facility and it will be no further than three minutes away.

It is not just pedestrians concerned with the plans, black cab drivers have also got a grievance against the proposed plans, pointing out that by not allowing right turns or U-turns on the lanes will increase congestion even further causing havoc for all other road users.

Until nearer the time, nobody will know for sure the success or the problems connected with the Olympic Lanes, so until then it is just a waiting game.

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