September 21, 2015

Tesco Delivery Driver Overtakes Learner

Shocking dashcam footage has emerged that shows a Tesco delivery driver cut up a learner with a dangerous overtake before swerving down a side street.

As the learner driver slows to make a left turn down a residential street, the Tesco van is seen passing the car before making the manoeuvre. The quick-thinking student suddenly brakes just in time, furiously beeping the horn at the van as it sped off up the quiet road.

The learner was left so distressed by the incident that they had to pull over to regain composure. The Bexleyheath driving instructor captured the footage on her dashcam. She referred to the Tesco driver’s overtake as ‘disgusting’, saying students can be left ‘paralysed with fear’

She commented that the driving displayed by the driver was possibly the worst driving she had seen. She added that learner drivers get a lot of abuse and people tend to take advantage. She set up cameras after witnessing a lot of abuse on the roads. She argues that most people forget what it was like to learn to drive.

Tesco said it was disappointed in the driver yet he will keep his job. They stated that the driving does not meet the standards they expect from their drivers and that this driver has been given additional training following the incident.

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