September 17, 2015

Britain’s Best Young Driver

Car mad Robbie Robertshaw has been named one of Britain’s best young drivers – three years before he can officially take to the highway.

The 14-year-old proved himself a wiz at the annual Young Driver Challenge, where tests included navigating tight chicanes, an obstacle course and, that most dreaded of all motoring tasks, parallel parking.

He came second in the competition’s 14-16 category despite the fact everyone else was quite a lot taller than him. It was a proud moment for the former go-karter as his love for cars, wheels and motoring dates back more than a decade.

Robbie has dreams of owning his own bus company, which is how he fell into driving in the first place. His dad, 44-year-old railways project manager, said that they were looking for a bus driving experience for his 11th birthday. They couldn’t find one but came across Young Driver so bought him a driving lesson.

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