February 13, 2013


Cambridge taxi drivers have received more than 600 complaints, half of which relate to bad driving.

Members of the public have complained about taxi drivers who fail to give way or have caused a collision due to poor driving.

Councillor Colin Rosenstiel, who is in charge of the city’s licensing committee, wants to make changes and stop those creating a bad name for taxi drivers.

However, other complaints relate to overcharging and route disputes, rudeness, criminal damage and driver conduct. Cllr Rosenstiel said: “My concern is that the council’s determination to raise standards has not succeeded, I want to put in a renewed effort to do so.”

Despite the long list of complaints, only 18 drivers have been disciplined since 2008, according to council statistics. It is thought that courts are overturning decisions to suspend licences factoring in that taxi drivers are “only human” and suspending their licence could cause potential hardship.

Chairman or Cambridge City Licensed Taxis, has suggested that drivers who fall below the required standards be sent on a driver awareness course.

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