December 1, 2010


London is renowned for its black cabs and they have been around for years. Queuing for a taxi can be irritating especially in the London area. So what about taking a cab to your wedding?

More and more people are choosing to hire taxis to transport them to their wedding venue, yet these taxis come with a difference. Wedding Taxi’s supply white taxis decorated and kept immaculate inside, all provided with a courteous and patient driver.

Wedding Taxi’s hope that their vehicles provide a subtle backdrop in photos and give the bride and groom a unique touch to their day overall.

The taxi business seems to be growing with taxi treasure hunts available. They are thought to be good for team building, to help with organisational skills and time management skills, or simply for a fun day out.

You are given a licensed taxi driver to take you on your travels and you are given routes to navigate round, collect clues and bonus points and to take pictures at certain locations.So we may see London cabs as a means to get from A to B and the queues and cost of the fare a misery, but taxis now bring fun and humour to our day.

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