February 20, 2010


The latest technology about to hit the road is the web-enabled vehicle.

Ford and Audi have found a niche in the market and are set to release a new gadget in their vehicles. With more car dealers set to follow.

The small monitor meant to be introduced in 2011, will enable drivers to access the internet, send emails, surf the web and use skype. It will also double up as Sat Nav, with drivers being able to access Google maps and get directions.

The monitor will act as a wireless hotspot throughout the car. It will allow drivers to get work done whilst on the roads and may replace the use of laptops for the more frequent travellers.

However, there are safety campaigners who have expressed their concerns and pointed out the danger the latest technology could cause. Many accidents are caused every year due to mobile phone use and this will just act as another distraction for drivers.

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