October 26, 2011


Stone Roses front man Ian Brown nearly lost his driving licence as quickly as their gig sold out when he was clocked driving at 105mph.

Mr Brown was stopped at the roadside by police officers and offered a roadside fixed penalty, which considering the speed was very lucky. However, he refused as he disputed the speeds. In court he was given six penalty points, fined £650 and was ordered to pay £300 prosecution costs and a £15 victim surcharge.

The reason he didn’t receive a driving ban was thought to be down to his Lawyer Nick Freeman, nicknamed ‘Mr Loophole’. He told the court a sob story that giving his client a driving ban would seriously interfere with Brown seeing his 11 year old son who lives in London. But surely that’s the whole point of a driving ban, if there is no deterrent, people will continue to break the law. He should have thought about the consequences of his speed and what a driving ban would do to his family life and career.

However, Mr Freeman didn’t stop there, he also added that Mr Brown drives around 50,000 miles a year and as he has been driving for over 20 years and has only ever got three points on his licence (these have now expired) we should view this as a huge achievement. He also added that his car is very quiet and doesn’t give much sensation of speed.

How many excuses do they want to use, it’s evident that he knew what he was doing and police say he never dropped below 94mph (still way over the limit). People should be made an example of and have to suffer the consequences in order to learn from their mistakes, £650 is hardly a dent in Mr Brown’s wallet.

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