August 22, 2017

The Consequences of Speeding

On average, 80% of motorists don’t know about the new, tougher speeding fines. You could end up paying hundreds of pounds more for more serious speeding, so it’s definitely worth knowing about the increased cost of speeding tickets! That said, it is common sense that you should always stick to or below the limit when behind the wheel, and always drive safely.

Even if you’re doing 31mph in a 30mph limit, you are still breaking the law, so be rational and think: is it really worth doing that extra little amount of speed?

Furthermore, speedometers aren’t always 100% accurate; someone with a speedometer that’s gone out of calibration could innocently think they were doing 30mph, when they were in fact doing marginally more.

While awareness on speeding has increased, approximately 50% of vehicles last year broke the 30mph limit on roads. Campaign development research established that the most effective approach would be to look at the consequences a driver would have to deal with if they killed an innocent person as a result of speeding. To imagine the guilt and upset of causing the death of another person is indeed an effective reality check for chancy drivers.

Safe driving from Britannia!