April 13, 2011


More than a third of new cars are now sold without a spare tyre. Ford, Volvo and Honda do not sell their cars with a spare as standard. Surely such an important safety item should be included?

To have a flat tyre on the motorway can put yourself and other passengers in danger. Most of us wouldn’t know how to change a tyre, that’s if we have one and would need to wait for break down assistance.

In the early days of motoring, drivers had to change their tyres often with stray horseshoe nails puncturing them. This meant driver’s would often carry two spares. However, in the U.S. spare tyres were prohibited during World War II due to a shortage of rubber.

Drivers that do find themselves lucky enough to have a spare in the 21st Century will usually have a ‘spacesaver’ tyre. These are used in order to save space, reduce cost and lower the vehicles weight. However, they are meant as a temporary measure as they have a short life expectancy and are indented for limited distances.

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