November 6, 2012

Social Media’s Effect on Driving

There are 10 million Twitter users in the UK and nearly 30 million Facebook users.

We use social media to post things about our life, our break-ups, heart aches, holidays, and woes. But are you using social media when you are driving? For many people the answer is yes. When you are driving home and sitting in traffic it can be tempting to update your Facebook status, or when you’re driving a nice new car you may feel the urge to tweet a picture of it.

But don’t. Ever.

Remember, driving demands your attention, and as tempting as it is to start using your smart phones, you shouldn’t. You need to be able to concentrate on your driving all the time.

Another thing that can be dangerous is trying to change the CD whilst driving. It’s much safer to change the CD before you set out on your journey, that way you are not fumbling around looking for it when you are on the road.

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