November 21, 2011


The British Medical Association’s Board of Science published a report on the dangers of second hand smoke in cars. Nearly half of smokers consulted said they would smoke in a car and there is a debate as to how safe this is.

Not only has the DSA updated the Highway Code to include smoking  under the list of distractions whilst driving, but this research highlights the risks smoking in a car causes smokers and their passengers.

Residual toxins from the smoke of cigarettes remains in the vehicle long after the cigarette has burned out. The smoke contains 4000 known chemicals and can be a danger to both the smoker and passengers. It is thought that 23 premature deaths in children and 4000 adults die each year due to being exposed to second hand smoke and these figures to not include the thousands that get ill.

The Welsh Government earlier this year pledged to create awareness and highlight the dangers of second hand smoke particularly in cars and if unsuccessful they may introduce legislation to enforce a ban on smoking in cars. It is hoped that drivers will consider their passengers particularly the young and vulnerable adults and change their behaviour.

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