April 2, 2012


Kyle Naughton a Norwich City football player was fined over £1500, given 11 points on his licence and a 15 month driving ban after admitting driving his vehicle at 96mph last November.

On another occasion he was also found to be driving at 53mph in a 30mph zone.
Like all football players, he relies heavily on having access to his car and appealed to the courts to reduce his driving ban.

Judge Peter De Mille had the 15 month ban reduced to just nine months but warned Naughton that should he exceed the speed limit again he would face an even longer disqualification.

Many of us rely on our cars to get about and Naughton is no exception however, it is not very often that someone has their ban overturned or reduced. Should his ban have been reduced or should the ban serve as a warning to any driver that breaks the speed limit.

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