April 8, 2011


Research has shown that drivers are not impressed with a number of service stations across the country.

The main complaints are that there is limited seating and often a pressure to buy products for the shop or cafe.

The toilet facilities are thought to be substandard – dirty and not stocked properly.

Car parking facilities are often limited and where parking is available you often have a time limit or have to pay a fee.

Service stations can often charge higher rates for fuel in the knowledge that drivers filling up will not have many other options. Therefore it is recommended you have enough fuel in the car before setting of on any journey in particular a long one.

On another note, there is a debate as to whether service stations should sell alcohol and during which hours of the day. One petrol station in Coventry has residents fighting a bid to reduce the number of hours alcohol is sold here. There are fears it could cause anti-social behaviour, increased noise levels and crime.

Emily Smith of Britannia Driving School said: “Having a rest, using the loo or purchasing a drink can help towards keeping drivers alert and in control of the vehicle. Service stations are vital tools in ensuring this happens, so despite their appearance take a break.”

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