January 26, 2011


With Christmas behind us but paying it of looming, saving money has never been so paramount. You could consider ways of increasing your income but saving money is just as quick and effective.

For many of us driving has become a privilege not a given with fuel prices and insurance on the up.

Think before you buy. Never settle on the first quote for insurance and repairs, shop around. You may even be able to bring the cost down by bargaining with them. Companies want your business and can normally come down on the first price they quotes so there is room for manoeuvre.

Keep the car clean, free of weight and keep your speed steady. Anyone that does this should reduce their fuel consumption and also reduce the risk of an accident, which would inevitably put your insurance premiums up also.

Shop around for fuel. Garages charge different prices and they can range considerably. 5p or 10p a litre cheaper may not seem a lot, but in the long run you could save yourself a large amount of money.

Holly Harper of Britannia Driving School said: “It may be an idea to consider ditching the car if you are travelling a short distance and walk instead. You will be save yourself the cost of fuel and lose the pounds piled on over the festive period at the same time.

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