August 14, 2012

Saving Petrol.

We all like to learn of new ways to save petrol. Petrol prices aren’t at their most friendliest right now and so, we thought we should share some tips on how to reduce your fuel consumption.

Yes, the weekly shop. Except for many of us we don’t just go shopping once, we go multiple times. Going to and from different shops is a sure way to use up petrol. We suggest shopping online. All the big stores from Asda to Tesco and Waitrose have very user friendly websites that make it easier to do your shopping. The very fact that you don’t have to spend an hour and a half walking through the shopping isles is a good enough reason for me to do the shopping online.

Public Transport
Yes, I know that we don’t have the best public transport here, but in many cities we do have a good service. Just have a look what your local bus route is and how often it runs. Or you may consider using the tram or train. If you are travelling a long distance and don’t fancy driving, look at booking your train ticket ahead. You can get some great deals.

We hope that these few tips help you save some petrol!

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