July 10, 2012

Safety First

Most of us are great drivers. We make sure we stick to the speed limits, we wear our seat belts, we make sure that we know our car well and as such, become safe drivers. This creates a safe driving environment for everyone else on the road and we can all enjoy our driving experience.


There is no doubt though that there is a lack of safety amongst younger drivers. Just look at the stats. We need to know how to combat this. I believe that teens learn by example. No, you can’t always be looking at how your teen drives. Yes, sometimes no matter how hard you try they will do whatever they want. This is something we have to accept. But we can teach by example.


When you have your teens in the car make a point of letting them know the importance of sticking to the speed limit. Avoid losing your temper and becoming a ratty driver. If they see you doing these things it’s likely to have an effect on them.


Teaching your children about responsible driving is important and something that we can all do.


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