July 12, 2012

Road Signs

Do you remember what the road signs mean? It may have been a while since you have taken your test and as such, you may forget what the road signs  are telling you to do. Road signs are there for our benefit so it is important to pay attention to them. They let us know when there is a dead end, if we are approaching a sharp bend, they inform us about speed limits and speed bumps.


It’s easy to forget the road signs though. It’s best to continually ask yourself what they mean. You can do this when you are driving, just look at the road signs and say out what they are telling you to do. When you get home take a look over your High Way Code book again. This is the bible for the road and something you should hang onto throughout your driving career. Spend time looking over it when you can.


Knowing what the road signs mean will make you feel more confident when you come to drive. This is always a good thing.

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