November 23, 2011


Over the past year motoring costs have soared by around 14%, meaning the average driver pays nearly £7000 in costs, owing a car.

Depreciation, insurance, maintenance costs and in particular fuel have all risen in the last year and the burden of owing a car is hitting drivers hard.

Insurance is continuing to rise, with an average premium costing around £550. However, even when law abiding drivers take out insurance they are not always covered by uninsured drivers and end up forking out for personal injury claims and insurance fraud.

But I think the biggest burden to drivers is the cost of fuel. Prices are thought to have risen more than 12% last year adding over £150 to an average driver’s fuel bill. It is hoped the Government will take action and stop the planned fuel duty increases next year because any more costs and even more drivers will be bumped off the road.

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