August 28, 2012

Right Shoes

A driving instructor is by nature, very observant. They not only need to see how you are driving but they need to be aware of the situation around them; at any point they may have to hit the brakes or grab the steering wheel. A driving instructor needs to assess your abilities and know when you are ready to go to the next step; such as when to take you on 60mph roads, or when to teach about night time driving.

However, there is one thing over and above everything else that our instructors notice: people wearing the wrong shoes. It makes such a big difference when you wear the right shoes for driving. Before you have your lesson make sure you slip into some trainers or plimsolls you need something that it comfortable and gives you a good feel for the pedals. And please, avoid wearing high-heels.

There’s often a joke, well rather a cry that we always hear from our driving instructors. Which is, if they had a £1 for every time they asked their pupils to wear the right shoes, they would have a holiday home in the Bahamas.

So please, wear the right shoes.

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