June 13, 2013

Refresher Courses – Do I Need One?

Ever feel nervous getting behind the wheel? Are there some areas in your day to day driving that you lack confidence in, or some situations that you pray never occur whilst you’re driving? You are not alone.  The refresher course was designed with people just like yourself in mind.

Whether its hill starts that you feel awkward on, or if you avoid reverse parking at any cost, or any other number of issues with your driving, the refresher course can help you. Even if you don’t feel that there are any specific issues, but just feel that your driving skills have grown a little rusty over time, and you would like that feeling of being a new driver with all your skills fresh in your mind, the refresher course is perfect for you.

Maybe over the years you have picked up one or two bad habits as a motorist? Don’t worry, this happens to all of us, and that’s exactly what this type of course is aimed at curbing. Perhaps you often make it halfway to work before realising you’re not wearing a seatbelt, or occasionally manoeuvre a junction without indicating? These courses will help to eradicate any flaws in your driving, and help to encourage that discipline you used to have as a younger driver.

However, don’t feel that refresher courses are only for older drivers who have lost their touch behind the wheel; statistically, the drivers most at risk of an accident on the road are the younger drivers who have recently passed their tests, possibly due to a combination of inexperience and overconfidence.

Whilst we here at Britannia understand that after finally getting your pink licence, the last thing you will want to do is to have an instructor in the passenger seat again, we cannot recommend enough the value of refresher courses for newly qualified drivers. These have been proven to dramatically reduce the risk of accidents by helping to push your driving ability far beyond that of the average “Pass” rate that you have always strived towards, and to get you to the level of an experienced, responsible driver in no time, by brushing up on your skills learnt in your lessons, and honing them to a perfect degree. If this is not enough of an incentive for you, then bear in mind that refresher courses and Pass Plus schemes can contribute to lower insurance premiums in the future.

Whatever your reason for considering a refresher course, just remember; surely it cannot hurt to ever be a better driver?

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