October 11, 2012

Rainy Days

Have you noticed how the mornings are rather wet?

The heavens have opened and the downpour just keeps coming. How does this affect car drivers? Driving in the rain certainly changes the driving conditions.

For one thing, you notice that the roads seem a lot more busier. Then you have the issues of steamy windows. You will also find that your stopping distance increases.

Before you set off your journey give yourself a few minutes to prepare. I find it useful getting out of my wet coat when I’m in the car. Then get your ventilation going, open the windows a little so the air is flowing. There’s nothing worse than having windows that you can’t see out of. When you’re on your journey be prepared for the extended stopping distances. Most people aren’t aware that the rain makes such a big difference but it does.

Finally, be calm. Yes, the rain, for some reason makes people a little bit more inpatient on the roads, but we can’t do anything about them. We however, can stay calm, drive safely and enjoy our journey.

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