April 24, 2013


A man in Fife impersonating a police officer pulled over a woman driver, driving alone late at night.

The unknown man was driving an unmarked car and targeted the woman just after midnight on April 13th.

Luckily the woman smelt a rat and asked to see identification which of course he could not produce.

Ch Insp Jill Harper, of Police Scotland said: “I would like to emphasise that is it most unusual for a police officer in an unmarked car to pull over motorists…on the very rare occasion when it is necessary to do so, all police officers carry a warrant card and will happily produce it on request.”

Motorists may not be aware but should you find yourself being flagged down by an unmarked car, whether it is the police or not, you are within your right to not get out of the car but indicate that you will follow the vehicle to the nearest police station or public place.

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