March 16, 2011


Northern Irelands Environment Minister Edwin Poot’s has announced new proposals the main one to raise the minimum driving age to 18 in order to reduce the death toll on Irelands roads.

Statistics show that between 2004 and 2008 drivers aged between 17 and 24 accounted for one in four road fatalities and one in five serious road injuries in Northern Ireland.
Considering less than a quarter of licence holders are in this age group, these statistics are shocking.

Mr Poot’s has said he will not sit back and ignore this matter and allow lives and families to be destroyed.

Other proposals being considered are:

Amending speed limits for learners

Allowing learner drivers experience on the motorway

Revise the practical test, to include skid training etc

Require learners to complete a minimum number of supervised driving lessons

The US, Canada and Australia already have similar schemes in place for young drivers and it is thought that if Northern Ireland obtains positive results, England may follow suit.

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