November 18, 2014

Private Practise

When you are learning to drive, the DVSA recommends a combination of professional tutoring with some private driving practise to maximise your driving ability and to cut your learning curve as much as possible.

So who can teach you to drive?

For your private practise, there are some requirements that your tutor will have to meet before they are legally allowed to educate you on how to drive.

For a start, they must be 21 years or older. They must also have held a valid driving license for a minimum of three years before starting to teach anyone, and they must also have the correct insurance for the vehicle they are tutoring you in.

Private practise can help to open your eyes wider to the world of driving – in a car with someone you are more familiar with may put you at ease more so than being in a car with a driving instructor, and this may benefit you in the long run.

Safe driving from Britannia!

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