February 9, 2012

Prepared to Drive without Street Lines and Road Signs! – They Warn.

Is it really going to happen? The Brighton and Hove City Councils are planning to reduce the amount of funding for highway and road maintenance in the next financial year. It is highly unlikely that the plan would go through without stiff opposition. There are safety and security issues to be addressed here. We fail to understand that how something as necessary and important as road funding can be cut down. The opposition councillors are also not in the favour of supporting it. It completely goes against the legal system set in place. There must be a way to find the balance here. The respective councils have to sit down and dig deep to come with a positive solution.

People are not going to accept it under any given circumstances. It seems that we are not paying proper attention to the kind of dangerous situation we are creating by not maintaining the roads in the first place. The emergency work or operations would pile-up the agony. The administration would end up spending more than saving anything here. The statistics should be checked again to find a better solution to the the Government-imposed financial cuts.

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