October 19, 2009

Potholes in Britains Roads Make Learning to Drive Dangerous

The deterioration of Britain’s roads is making it extremely hard for learner drivers to learn in a comfortable manner. Many instructors are restructuring their lessons to accommodate for the estimated 1.5 million potholes and avoiding certain routes for the fear of damage to the car and the learners control and confidence.  However, some instructors are taking the opposite approach and including appalling roads to their syllabus in order to prepare learners for what they will have to deal with once they are out on the roads by themselves.

It is not only the learner that has to deal with the consequences of bad road conditions, but other road users, incidents have been reported were instructors are using dual controls to prevent potential accidents when pupils are trying to avoid potholes.

Simon Bush of Britannia Driving School said: “There is an increasing problem with potholes and the general conditions of the roads. It not only proves a problem for individuals when they are learning to drive but also for instructors when they take pupils out on test as the worsening road conditions are seriously damaging the car and the tyres in particular.”

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