October 31, 2008

Police warn drivers on car security

West Midlands Police have warned motorists that they face the strong possibility of having their vehicles stolen if they leave them running during cold and frosty mornings. Leaving your keys in the ignition of your unlocked vehicle is an open invitation for an opportunistic car thief.

With many areas across the region being hit by a variety of cold weather conditions many vehicle owners will become more relaxed in their approach to security. It is far too tempting to return to a warm house if you feel it is too cold to wait for your vehicle to de-ice.

The police have advised all motorists not to leave their car open or running for any length of time even if it is within clear view of your property.

Quite simply, there are some people who will steal anything if they are given the chance.

In addition to giving anti-theft advice the police have also warned drivers not to attempt to use their vehicles if they cannot see through their windscreens properly. There have been a number of accidents that could have been easily prevented if motorists had simply taken the time to ensure that they were able to see clearly before setting off to work or any other kind of journey.

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