June 9, 2011

Police launch a crack down on drink drivers

Police forces across Scotland have launched their summer campaign against drink and drug drivers.

The campaign has been co-ordinated by the Association of Chief Police Officers in Scotland (Acpos) and will run for two weeks.

It has been designed to drive home the possible consequences of getting behind the wheel after drinking.

A well as an automatic 12-month ban, convicted drivers could face a fine of up £5,000.

A court conviction will stay on a driver’s licence for 11 years and a criminal record can remain in place for 20 years.

Since December 2009, about 120 vehicles driven by repeat offenders have been sold or destroyed.

Serious hazard

Assistant Chief Constable Tom Ewing, of Fife Constabulary, said: “All police forces in Scotland are supporting the campaign and will be using various methods to detect offenders.

“These will include high-profile patrols, targeted enforcement and extra coverage of identified key locations.

“During previous campaigns we have encouraged members of the public to report anyone who they consider to be unfit to drive. This has proved highly successful.”

The campaign has been backed by the Scottish government.

Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill said: “People who drive under the influence of drink or drugs are a serious hazard to other motorists, pedestrians and themselves.

“The consequences of driving under the influence of drink or drugs are severe, and the message is clear. Don’t risk it.”

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