February 11, 2010

Police in two-day motoring clampdown

SPECIAL Constables took part in a two-day clampdown on motoring offences last weekend.
The officers issued 42 fixed penalty tickets for drivers using a mobile phone, not wearing a seatbelt or for speeding.

A further 37 motorists were given words of advice during the operation, which took place in Todmorden and at the other end of the Calder Valley in Brighouse. Officers said it had been a success.

Sergeant Julian Hartley, Specials co-ordinator for Calderdale Police, said: “The work that special constables do over the course of a year is very important.

“They are volunteers who give up their free time and do an excellent job.

“They again showed their true value by carrying out an important operation in areas where motoring offences are regularly identified as key priorities by the local community.”

The operation took place to mark the national Specials Weekend which recognises the constables’ hard work and dedication to policing.

The theme of this year’s operation was road safety.

Stuart Clarke, senior section officer for Calderdale Specials, said: “Taking part in the national operation has been a good opportunity for Calderdale’s Special Constabulary to get involved with an area of policing that is often of concern to the local community.

“It also highlights the variety and diversity of work that Special Constables can do.”

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