May 21, 2010


At present the minimum age to obtain a license is 17 but is expected to rise to 18.

The government are looking to propose a number of changes such a 12 month training period for new drivers, meaning a 17 year old will not be able to obtain a full license.

They also want to introduce a zero alcohol policy for all new drivers regardless of their age. Anyone caught with alcohol in their system will be forced to retake their driving test.

Research suggests that by introducing the new age limit, more than 1000 deaths and 700 causalities could be avoided.

The government along with campaigners and insurers feel that the current process is just simply not safe. Many young drivers learn to drive within a six month period, meaning that they have never driven in certain weather conditions.

Most new drivers have never driven on the motorway and new drivers don’t seem to be taking up the opportunity to carry out the pass plus course, which is not only designed to help new drivers become safe and competent on the road but also to reduce insurance premiums.

It is important to point out that driving may be fun and give immense freedom but it also carries huge responsibility, hence these new rules and regulations. However, other forms of driving such as motorcycles would also need to be addressed otherwise young people might be inclined to learn to drive a bike instead of a car.

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