September 22, 2017

People Still Using Their Phones While Driving

According to RAC Research, nearly one in four drivers in Britain still make or receive calls while driving – despite the doubling of penalties for the offence in March 2017, increased to six points and a £200 fine. Furthermore, using your mobile phone when driving is a major distraction that could cause a major accident!

Although the figure has fallen since, 23% of more than 1,700 drivers who were questioned admitted illegally making or receiving calls when behind the wheel.

The survey also implies that 40% of people text, check their emails and go on social media while sitting in traffic – even though they know full well that it is against the law.

The motoring group has branded the issue an “epidemic”. Only one in 10 drivers reported that they were unaware of the harsher penalties for being caught when using their phone while driving.

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